Behind the Road, Documentary,Edinburgh

Midlothian council announced in 2000 their plans to re-align the A701. This meant building a new carriageway to replace the existing roadway that would cut through the woodland. It being and ancient woodland and declared Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) for its wildlife, undergrowth and underlying geology, a lot of local people opposed. 407 letters against the project were written but the permission for the extension was granted.
In 2002 a study was commissioned by the council into multi-modal transport options for the A701 corridor, it concluded that the road realignment would:
Be dangerous for local communities
Be opposed by local communities
Be environmentally damaging to the land in the area
Encourage car use, in contradiction to the Midlothian Council and Scottish Executive commitment to creating a shift towards more sustainable transport.
But the project went ahead anyway and eventually those opposed decided to take action building the settlement in the glen as a way to stop the bailiffs and bulldozers. They succeeded and the road works are still on hold today.

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