Full name

Herminia Bernal




Scotland, United Kingdom


I began taking photographs as a hobby in Spain. I realised at an early stage the power of communication through photography and wanted to get involved in some aspects of it myself.
Then as time went by I got more serious about it and starting to take courses in black & white film and darkroom work.
Progressing on from there I started to learn a variety of photographic techniques, styles, genres, I also began to take interest in documentary and reportage photography which developed into my main field of work. I feel this is one of the most natural and honest way to communicate/present day to day life, therefore I took a specialization course on Photojournalism in Barcelona, giving me the opportunity to work with (ECOM) a non profit organisation, supporting people with disabilities to progress in their inclusion for work.
After finishing my specialization training I moved to Edinburgh to carry on with my studies where I gained experience in other photographic areas including commercial photography, fashion, social events, portraiture and advertisement during my three years' course.
This lead me to publish a small work in the magazine Buzz (www.buzzmag.org) from The University of Edinburgh and Street Life magazine (www.livingstreets.org.uk) a local charity from the same city. I currantly collaborate with the online Spanish documentary magazine Tiempos Modernos and Weekend Artists.
I have also produced a documentary book titled “Behind The Road” based on a project of an alternative life in Edinburgh, which has been selected as a finalist twice in two major competitions.
I have also done photojournalism workshops like the latest in The Balkans run for Reporter Academy, a school based in Sabadell, Barcelona.

On the other side I consider myself an artist too, where my landscape photography take first place. I work in both formats, digital and film and I can say the latter is my favourite.I do use 35mm and medium formats cameras and I still do myself my own black and white prints in a traditional wet darkroom.
Although, I have stopped of doing commercial photography I am still willing to collaborate on any kind of charity and NGO work if I am approached to extend my portfolio of that kind.


HND Photography

Telford College

Edinburgh, Scotland ·

Specialization Documentary Photography


Barcelona, Spain ·

Photojournalism Workshop at The Balkans

Reporter Academy

Sabadell, Spain ·

2014 Finalist at Convocatoria de Proyectos, Valencia , Espacio 55
Documentary Exhibition
2013 Awarded for a photographic workshop at The Balkans , Kevlar Photojournalist Association, Barcelona
2013 Finalist at the III International Photojournalism Festival , Photon Festival, Valencia
Audiovisual “Behind The Road”
2015 Behind The Road (Solo), Espacio 55, Valencia,Spain
Documentary Photography
2014 Elements (Collective), Espai D'Art Judith Vizcarra, Barcelona, Spain
Landscape Photography
2012 A Monochrome Gathering (Solo), Art's Complex, Edinburgh, Scotland
Environmental Portrait Photography
2012 "12x15" (Collective), The Old Ambulance Depot, Edinburgh, Scotland
College Final Exhibition
2010 Collection of Crafts (Collective), The Water of Leith Cafe Bistro, Edinburgh
2007 Ciudades del Mundo (Collective), Paspartu Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
Landscape Photography

O'Briens Sandwich Bar Drewdle Edinburgh Fine Furniture The Adam Pottery